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soap oprea 100 icons challenge

do you think you can handle it?

soap oprea 100 icon challenge
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Community Information
Hello and Welcome to soap100. This is an icon challenge community based on and inspired by places like icons100 and elite100. This community is Soap Oprea themed. Members may claim any soap oprea, soap couples, soap characters etc. That member is then challenged to make 100 icons of their claim in a specified time period. Each claim can only be claimed by one person at a time. Each member is allowed up to two claims no more than that at a time.

What is a soap oprea?
A soap opera isn't necessarily a day time soap that comes on 5 days a week, there are prime time soaps as well. Not every show in the prime time is a soap either for example One Tree Hill, and past soaps like 90210 and Melrose Place. If you want to see a sort of description of a soap you can got to this link here it could help you out or you can just leave a comment and ask if something is a soap.
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Getting Started
> Join the community. You won’t be given posting access just yet. This is all for fun, so iconers you have to at least have some experance. You are more than welcomed to join, but we don't want to let just anyone in like other communities.

>> Stake your claim. In order to gain posting access go to the Claim List to see if what you want to claim is available. If it is leave a comment following the guidelines in the post.

>> If your claim has already been taken go to the Wait List, and reserve it for after its been filled.

>> Once you have a claim you have 3 months (12 weeks) to finish 100 icons and post them. If you know that you are not going to be able to finish leave a comment and I will take your claim down. If you do not finish 100 icons in 3 months your claim will be tossed out for others to claim.

>> If you have any questions ask them [here]
01. JOIN THE COMMUNITY! You must do this before trying to claim anything. If you do not, your claim will not be approved and you will have to join and reapply. Reply to the claim post with 5 sample icons, so we can see your work, you will get in based on your work. Sorry but we will not let just anyone in. We are not complete elitest but we do like icons to be decent.

02. When you post these icons you can use 2 or 3 as Teasers. Anything over that MUST BE BEHIND A CUT. You can use real cuts or fake cuts, its up to you. If you do not cut after you been warned the post will be deleted. You will have a twenty-four hour warning.

03. When you post your icons do so in this format:

04. You don’t have to use a table like some people will, but if you would like to you can. There will be a tutorial for it Your icons must be icons. Absolutely no bases, anyone can make a base. Textless icons are okay, and another absolutely no paint icons. Trust me just because you submit a claim doesn't mean you will get in.

05. 50 of your icons MUST follow the 50 themes set up by the mods. The other fifty can be Artist’s Choice. You do not need to use the words on the icons. The themes are just there to guide your imagination. If you do a pairing your icons can not have them with others unless both people are in the icon. You can do icons of each character by themself, however no more than 25.

06. You must post your first batch of icons (15 or more) within two weeks of claiming the subject. If you do not do so your claim will be rmoved and your posting access revoked, and you will have to reapply. If you know that you will not be able to meet the week leave a comment with a good reason as to why you cant and we may consider giving you an extention.
01. forbidden
02. secrets
03. betrayal
04. lust
05. pride
06. crushed
07. death
08. crimsion
09. anger
10. jealousy
11. love
12. burning
13. devious
14. desire
15. adultery
16. greed
17. seduction
18. silence
19. caught
20. hero
21. blood
22. forgive
23. goodies
24. revenge
25. cliffhanger
26. envy
27. dirty
28. tears
29. fashion
30. black and white
31. happiness
32. numb
33. lies
34. violence
35. trust
36. guilty
37. drama
38. alcohol
39. passion
40. danger zone
41. against all odds
42. bring on the rain
43. hanging on a moment
44. so far away
45. not what it seems
46. we're going down
47. wishing and hoping
48. letting go
49. new beginings
50. just breathe
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